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Home » What is Affiliate Marketing? (feat. Site Type) | Why You Can Make Money Easily

What is Affiliate Marketing? (feat. Site Type) | Why You Can Make Money Easily

What is Affiliate Marketing
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What is affiliate marketing? Let me tell you a secret. If you can become a link between your blog visitors and your brand’s product or service, you can not only earn a fortune through affiliate marketing but like me, quit your job and invest 2 hours a day to live a full-time life as a blog post. If so, how the hell am I going to connect with my visitors?

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Possible

The reason affiliate marketing works is simple. If there is a situation where you can choose a product or service, you want to compare and analyze what those options are. And these visitors have the benefit of not only getting rid of useless information based on expert opinions and experiences but also getting the best product and service recommendations from them, as well as saving time. And if it ultimately leads to a purchase, then you are making money. This is the most important “key”, which I will explain in more detail later.

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So What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is how you promote the product or service of another company or person. Your earnings are based on the profits when a purchase is made through a link in your blog post.

Simply put, when a company helps you sell, we get a commission from it too.

What makes it so much easier and more feasible than other businesses is that you don’t have to create the product or service yourself. All you have to do is introduce a product or service that you actually love and use through social media or blog posts.

If so, Why Not Just Put The Link In Your Blog Post?

Put The Link In Your Blog Post

Of course, you can just put a link on the blog post, but it is really difficult from purchase intention to purchase, and many people give up halfway because they cannot find the link. So, from now on. I will show you how to do that.

5 Best Marketing Strategies That Actually Work in Affiliate Marketing

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Of course, you don’t have to listen to me, but I started affiliate marketing and made $1000 won in one month, and I am also walking the path of affiliate marketing. I got to share.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Blogger / Influencer: Affiliate Marketer
  • Visitors/Users: People who read your blog post
  • Advertisers or Agencies: You can also establish affiliate marketing partnerships directly with advertisers, but it is usually much more comfortable to partner with an agency that manages advertisers.

Affiliate marketing is possible because advertisers give bloggers or influencers a unique affiliate ID (1234). For example, if you want to promote Samsung products, you will usually promote in your blog post, but you can create a link by attaching an affiliate ID after that. Like ?ID=1234.

This way, when a visitor reads our blog post and becomes interested in Samsung and clicks on a link, the advertiser will know where the Samsung visitor is coming from.

If you not only visit Samsung’s website but also make purchases, the profit will be distributed based on the product’s profits. That is, you get commissions.

The affiliate ID given by the advertiser is usually stored on mobile or desktop for 30 days. So even if you visit the Samsung site again after a week and purchase the product, the commission will drop.

That’s why affiliate marketing is the best.

Types Of Affiliate Marketing

Types Of Affiliate Marketing

Once in affiliate marketing, you can form a partnership with an advertiser right away, and you can form a partnership with an agency that collects all the advertisers. There are pros and cons for each service, I think you can check it by looking at the affiliate service you choose.

Examples Of Advertiser Affiliate Marketing Companies

If you have an online business, you can do so directly with companies that can partner directly with advertisers.

Digistore24 I think it’s probably on the same level as Amazon affiliate marketing in the US. Even without an agency, the affiliate marketing platform is easy to use and has good analytics, making it the most popular company among affiliate marketers. In particular, you can advertise non-advertisement.

Nord VPN: It is a VPN company, which is useful when you use Netflix, etc. when traveling abroad.

Priority Pass: A company that sells complimentary airport lounge services. It’s a good company with a commission that drops about 20,000 won each time you sell a Priority Pass.

GoPro: The 5% commission is higher than the 3.5% given by general agencies, so it is a good company to form a direct partnership with.

Insta 360: A very honey affiliate marketing company with commissions up to 10%.

Skyscanner: A blog site only needs 100,000 visitors to form a partnership. Instead, it’s a company that can make a lot of money because you get a commission per click rather than a commission on your normal sales.

My examples are really limited. If you have a product or service that you are passionate about, search for “company + Affiliate Marketing” in the search bar (I will explain this in more detail later).

As mentioned above, if you enter into a direct partnership, you can earn up to 5% to 2% more commission than using an agency.

Agency Affiliate Marketing Companies

Agency Affiliate Marketing Companies

LinkPrice (CPS): My favorite company. The platform is neat and easy to use, and there are a lot of companies where we shop online, not just too miscellaneous companies.

Ed Pick (CPA): As I will explain in more detail later, CPA-type companies do not earn commissions based on sales, but rather affiliate marketing companies that receive commissions when they take any action, such as installing an app (you can check it in the next blog post) there is).

CJ (foreign company): For foreign companies, the advantage is that there are countless advertisers who can join.

  1. AWIN (foreign company)
  2. Shareasale (foreign company)

As mentioned above, these companies are convenient because you can see all advertisers and performance analyses at a glance. In the case of companies that are difficult to form a direct partnership with (eg Skyscanner). There is an advantage that you can sign up if you are already registered with an agency.

How to Sign Up and Earn Commissions

How to Sign Up and Earn Commissions

Whether you enter into a partnership with an advertiser or join an agency, you can sign up immediately by entering your personal information.

If you form a direct partnership with an advertiser, you must share personal information as well as analysis data from your blog or social media. For example, I recently signed a contract with VPN Nord directly (you can also sign up from the agency LinkPrice). After I emailed and shared my blog information directly with VPN Nord, I was approved. In fact, this is inconvenient, but it has the advantage of receiving a higher commission, so it is better to do this if you can directly partner with the advertiser.

In this way, you can continue to send and receive emails and start advertising to your subscribers as soon as they are approved.

The way to receive commission is to connect directly with the bank, and when a certain amount of profit is earned each month, it is automatically transferred to the bank. For example, if the total commission amount is $1000 won, it will be deposited into the bank. So, it’s important to keep building commissions consistently, right?

Other than that, I keep posting blog posts about affiliate marketing as well as blogging and how to make money with your Blog. If you have any questions or want to know how I make money, please leave a comment and I will keep posting about it.

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