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The Best Web Hosting – Bluehost – Domain Hosting for WordPress

The best web hosting - bluehost
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Bluehost is one of the relatively well-known overseas web hosting services. However, I think you may have doubts about how reliable and stable it can be.

Here is a summary based on my personal experience over many years of use.

Bluehost Best Web Hosting Overview

Bluehost is an internet web hosting company owned by a company referred to as Endurance International Group and is one of the top 20 net web hosting companies. It hosts multiple million domains in total, and its auxiliaries include HostMonster, FastDomain, and iPage.

Can you trust Bluehost? officially recommends Bluehost, Siteground, and Dreamhost. Based on purely personal experience, Bluehost seems to be a good choice in terms of value for money.

The content below reflects my personal experiences while using Bluehost and other web hosting for over 6 years. As this is a personal experience, each person may feel differently.

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Bluehost provides free SSL certificates for all WordPress, and as of 2021, both shared hosting and VPS support PHP 8.0.

  • Change PHP version and PHP environment settings on Bluehost
  • Bluehost shared hosting PHP 7.4 support added
  • WordPress PHP 8.0 applied (VPS)
  • Bluehost Shared Hosting – PHP 8.0 Support

Explore Bluehost Web Hosting Products

Bluehost offers a wide range of products including Shared Hosting, WordPress Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Pro, and more.

Bluehost Best Web Hosting Services


Bluehost’s shared hosting is relatively inexpensive as shown in the following figure. For reference, the Bluehost basic plan starts at $3.95 per month, but when you sign up by clicking this link, you can save $1 off as low as $2.95 per month (prices below are after the discount has been applied). If you sign up for a web hosting service by clicking on the link in this article, I can earn a small commission. However, I do not recommend any particular service for a commission. We have listed both pros and cons from our experience, so please consider a number of factors and choose the service that best suits your needs.

Bluehost shared hosting seems to show good performance for the price, that is, good value for money. You might consider it if you want access to a decent resource at a low price.

Siteground provides unlimited traffic on shared hosting, but it is relatively stable by limiting the number of visits depending on the product. (Siteground has suspended its service in some countries and regions, including Korea and Japan.)

The following is the price list of shared hosting products displayed when clicking the Web Hosting > Shared Hosting menu.

For the Basic plan, the situation is quite good, with 50G of website area and limitless traffic. And the Plus plan comes with limitless websites, unlimited areas, and unlimited traffic. (If you choose Basic, the simplest one domain may be connected and restricted to 5 parking domain names and 25 subdomains. If you want to connect multiple domains, select Plus or higher.)

Shared web hosting offers

Shared hosting offers unlimited space (except Basic) and unlimited traffic. If one user monopolizes a resource, it is a structure that can affect other users, so there will be a penalty for occupying too much of a resource. (This is not different domestically or internationally.) If your site slows down due to a large number of visitors, you should upgrade to Pro or switch to a VPS or dedicated hosting.

The Choice Plus plan provides the Privacy feature for 1 domain. Domain Privacy seems to refer to a function to protect personal information by hiding domain registrant information such as .com. The Pro plan comes with Dedicated IP.

Apart from shared hosting, there are also WordPress Hosting and eCommerce products. WordPress hosting is basically similar to shared hosting. Actually, after checking with Bluehost, the two are almost identical.

Shared WordPress hosting plan price list

In the case of WordPress Web Hosting, there is no Unlimited Domains item unlike shared hosting in Plus or higher products, but when I checked with Bluehost, it seems that multiple Add-on domains can be connected (in Plus or higher products). Plus, you can park unlimited domains (if you set it as a parked domain, it will display the contents of the basic domain), plus 5 parking domains are available in Basic, the lowest price product.

Yes, you can have Unlimited Addon domains in the plus plan. But in simple basic, you can have only one main domain and no add on domain

Yes. You can link unlimited Addon domains in your Plus product. But in Basic, you can only have one main domain, not add-on domains.

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting, Some Problems With the Speed!

In the case of Bluehost shared hosting, I had some problems with speed and stability when I first used it. A few years ago, shared hosting was insecure and slow. So I switched to a more stable VPS. However, there is a site that is using Bluehost Shared Hosting recently, and it seems to have improved a lot in speed and stability than before. PHP versions up to 7.2 7.3 are supported, and the cPanel interface has been improved for user convenience.

The PHP version defaults to 7.3. After signing up for a new account, be sure to change the PHP environment settings by referring to “Changing the PHP version and PHP environment settings on Bluehost”.

You get a free domain name for the first year on any web hosting plan. SSL certificates are available for free on all products. And in the case of email service, in Basic, the lowest priced product of shared hosting, up to 5 email accounts can be created and only one website can be used.

Optional products (eg SiteLock Security – Find, Codeguard Basic, Bluehost SEO Tools Start) are optional upon signup. Codeguard provides a backup function. You will be able to choose if needed.

When you sign up for Bluehost, enter the domain you are using and a temporary domain address will be assigned to your account. After completing your site, you should change your temporary domain address to the address of your real domain name. In such a case, you can request an agent through live chat and they will handle it. (When requesting, please request to install an SSL certificate for the domain along with the site address change. When I requested it myself, it took about 30 minutes.)

Bluehost WordPress is slow

If the site speed is slow

1) Delete the plugins (JetPack, MonsterInsight, Opt-in Monster, etc.) that are installed when WordPress is automatically installed on Blue Host

2) Install the cache plugin

3) Install an optimization plugin such as Clearfy. If you install and set detailed settings

4) Disable unnecessary plugins, the speed may come out somewhat faster. And it helps to use light themes and avoid heavy plugins. In fact, I often experience speed gains by using the Clearfy plugin for sites that are not optimized for speed.

If you install many plugins or duplicate plugins with similar functions, plugin conflicts can cause slowness and strange problems.

VPS HOSTING (Virtual Server Hosting) Products

If you want to use more stable and various features on Bluehost, you can use the higher plan.

VPS hosting price

The standard option comes with 30G storage space and unlimited traffic. It requires less storage space than cheaper shared hosting, but can reliably run your site within specs.

The greater traffic you have, the greater source you need. However, if you get more visitors and your servers can’t handle it, you’ll need to switch to a more expensive product like dedicated web hosting.

For reference, you can use VPS at a relatively low cost by using an unmanaged virtual server web hosting (VPS) service such as Vultr. However, these services require you to set up and operate the server yourself, and there is a burden to solve problems yourself. For Bluehost VPS, cPanel is provided to make server management more convenient and support services are available in case of a problem. Considering cPanel and support, Bluehost VPS may be a more cost-effective solution from a cost standpoint. (If you buy cPanel alone, it’s $15/month.

In VPS, it is possible to apply up to PHP 8.0 as of May 2021. If you are unable to select PHP 8.0, contact WHM and update to the latest version and you will be able to select PHP 8.0.

WP PRO Product (Formerly OPTIMIZED WORDPRESS Hosting)

As a specialized product in WordPress, the former Optimized WordPress web hosting was renamed WordPress Pro, then changed to WP Pro, and the product was also adjusted from four to three.

WordPress pro pricing

It is similar to a VPS product, but it is a product specialized in WordPress. If you are running a WordPress site, you can run your WordPress site more efficiently and reliably if you use Bluehost’s WordPress web hosting. Pricing starts at $19.95 per month. WordPress Live Ticket Support is available for Grow and Scale products. With WordPress Lite Ticket Support, you can get practical help from real WordPress experts 24/7.

Unlike VPS products, WordPress Pro web hosting products do not provide root privileges. I managed the site using this product, but there is no menu to set the root password. If setting up the server yourself is burdensome, you might consider this product instead of a VPS.


Dedicated web hosting is available if you need more storage space and traffic.

Dedicated hosting pricing

Dedicated hosting plans are very expensive but offer relatively large storage space and traffic. Compared to the beginning of 2018, Free SSL has been added.

Recently, a famous overseas WordPress-related blog has become unstable, so it is said that they have moved to a dedicated web hosting after consulting with Bluehost. If the site becomes unstable due to a large number of visitors, try to solve it through methods such as site optimization, and if you are still unable to handle it, you may consider upgrading to Dedicated Hosting.


Personally, if I turned into requested to pick a cheap and useful web hosting, I might pick Bluehost shared hosting. In the end, like everything else in the world, I think it comes down to how much cost-effective service you choose.

Deciding on a hosting service is very important. Don’t choose cheap, but gather a lot of information and choose the service that fits your current needs. The information above is based on personal experience and others may disagree with you. If an update is necessary for the future, we will update the information from time to time.

Note: There is a part where you select an additional service at the time of payment. Additional services are optional. You will be able to choose if needed. Codeguard Basic, for example, is a backup service that you can choose if you want to use your backups at the Web hosting level (it comes free with the Choice Plus offering). Backup services are also provided on VPS products.

If you have any questions about using WordPress or Bluehost Web Hosting, please let us know in the comments below and we will try to answer them to the best of our knowledge.

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