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SEMrush The Best SEO Tool To Increase Website Traffic

The best seo tool for your site
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5 Useful Features of SEMrush SEO Tool for Bloggers

SEMrush has always been one of my favorite SEO tool and this review is based on my experience. If you’ve been blogging for quite some time now, you’ve come to a point where you need to pay attention to doing the right thing.

What’s The Reason?

This is because Google is due to release a new algorithm in December.

Will Google stop? no.

Every year, every month, sometimes several days in a row, a new algorithm, minor or major, will be released, and you should be prepared for it.

Hundreds of blogs are launched every day. Less than 10% pass. The whole purpose of doing SEO is to make you one of that 10% of people.

Now, in this post, I will tell you the shiny aspects of the SEMrush SEO tool and some hard reasons to decide whether to choose a premium SEO tool or not.

If you read to the end, I think the answer will be ‘yes’.

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What Is SEMrush SEO Tool?

What Is SEMrush SEO Tool?

SEMrush SEO tool is keyword research, SEO tool auditing, and competitive analysis tool that helps you optimize on-site and off-page SEO. You’ll also get extra features like a keyword magic tool, backlink checker, PPC data, and best of all, getting your hands on this tool will reveal your competitors.

To further enhance your experience with the SEMrush SEO tool, you can also keep an eye on social media marketing for lucrative opportunities in AdWords, Facebook ads, and social media conversions.

Needless to say, it is the perfect tool for managing search engine marketing.

SEMrush is an online software-based SEO tool that helps you beat your competition.

Here are some of the key features of the SEMrush SEO tool:

1. Comprehensive Keyword Analysis (SEMrush SEO Tool)

Comprehensive Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is not dead. The ratio of keywords to the content remains one of the key factors that help you rank easily.

A free tool like KWFinder allows you to do 5 keyword research per day. That’s a lot of help for beginners, but as you grow, let’s say you have close to 50 posts. You’ll probably need to do more comprehensive research to find the most valuable and easy-to-rank keywords.

Then you need to prepare your articles based on your keywords, and tools like SEMrush SEO tool can help.

If you can’t find keywords and related data at once in just 5 tries, there’s no fixed number of how much keyword research you should do and imagine. What would you do?

Postpone the article to the next day.

It will be at your expense. Google likes fresh content, so be consistent. If you have an unprepared posting schedule, you will eventually be pushed out of the rankings.

With the SEMrush SEO tool, you get unlimited keyword research to analyze the best keywords that are easy to rank. It also provides valuable information such as:

  • Who ranks for that keyword?
  • PPC Value
  • what is the trend
  • Other related keywords

And more. Now this will help you evaluate what exactly you need to rank a particular item. This data is really valuable and must be looked at.

2. Competitive Analysis by SEMrush SEO Tool

Comprehensive Keyword Analysis (SEMrush SEO Tool)

This is something I love and use a lot. We all have our biggest competitors and we urge them to outdo them.

Millions of blog posts are published every day and thousands of blogs are started. Some established blogs make it very difficult to rank these new blogs.

Not everyone is an SEO executive, and most are just beginners. Watching your competitors grow while they struggle can be frustrating. What should they do? step back?

There is no way!

Competitors are a valuable resource. Use it against yourself with the SEMrush SEO tool and steal ranks.

Here are a few things you can learn about how your competitors are using SEMrush to appear on your first page. Let me highlight some of them.

A. Backlink Disclosure by SEMrush SEO Tool

Backlink Disclosure by SEMrush SEO Tool

Backlinks from one domain to another. These act as a key factor in increasing your rank when you have sand dunes authority.

Use the SEMrush Backlink Inspector tool to display backlinks from your institution’s site. Here you should find sites that are relevant to your niche.

The SEMrush backlink checker tool works great and shows you how many links are pointing to your current domain.

Now, if you lose the relevant domain, you need to request a backlink. Creating a lot of quality content makes this process very easy.

How to Request a Backlink to This Site?

You can ask the guest post site. This idea works in most cases. Guest posts provide backlinks along with impressions and traffic. If it doesn’t allow backlinks, find something else.


You can follow the basic rules of content creation.

Take the time to write great, informative, and powerful content that everyone, including influencers, will love. Remember, these articles will provide you with the most organic traffic, shares, and backlinks. Not because the article is long. Because it has information and is worth sharing.

B. Publish Top Posts in SERP

A SERP, or search engine ranking page, is the page that search engines display when you enter a search term. You can use the SEMrush SEO tool to get a list of your competitor’s top pages and rank higher than other pages related to your target keyword.

As a competitor, you should target this page from day one.

Go ahead and enter the domain name of a fellow blog you want to know and analyze which pages perform exceptionally well.

Read these posts and pages to find glitches and errors. Find the missing information and details about this.

Now go back to your blog and write your content in a better way. Use your writing skills and curate your content. Fill it with actionable ideas that people will want to read.

C. Paid Search Disclosure

If your competitor is using any kind of paid search or endorsement, it will also show up in the SEMrush SEO tool.

How Will You Use This Data?

Simple. You can see what keywords you are targeting. how well they are performing.

Now you don’t have to target the same keywords. We will now focus on relevant keywords. The Google correlation keyword search tool is a great way to start with SEMrush.

3. On-Site Audit Report by SEMrush SEO Tool

On-Site Audit Report by SEMrush SEO Tool

The site audit report provides an in-depth SEO structure of your site. This report covers everything related to search engine optimization.

For example, site audits can determine how many articles are not meta-description specified, how many articles aren’t optimized for keywords, how many social stakes are your posts with images without alt text, how many orphaned posts, etc. can.

SEMrush SEO tool also analyses backlinks, PPC values, aggregate keyword rankings, do- not-follow and do-follow links, top anchors, site speed, content length and quality, authority ratings (DA and PA), and responsive structure.

Another important part of this tool. This is also part of the on-site audit report, but I’d like to explain this feature in as much detail as possible.

SEMrush SEO tool also shows backlinks pointing to your site in the Quick Overview section and in the Site Audit Report. These are links that point to your domain from other domains that connect you all.

Backlinks – Links from other domains (unique IPs) that point to your domain or website are called backlinks.

When someone points to a link to your domain, it’s called a backlink. For example, if onlinestance ( mentions in a blog post, (domain) will receive a backlink.

Now, as long as you get backlinks from a quality website, it’s good for SEO. However, if you receive spammers who violate the website or backlinks that violate the rules, you will face penalties and a drop in your ranking.

SEMrush SEO tool allows you to monitor your backlinks and smart tools will automatically notify you when they find spam. You can then use Google Webmaster to reject those links so you don’t lose your valuable rankings.

4. Side by Side Domain Comparisons and Insights

Side by Side Domain Comparisons and Insights.

SEMrush SEO tool allows you to compare your website to other websites and see what it lacks.

Compare the most influential blogs to the websites that manage your blog and discover how they can increase your organic reach.

Top Keywords, Top Pages, Headlines, or Top PPC Pages. You can disclose everything.

Also, look for common keywords between you and your competitors. This will help you choose new keywords that do not conflict with existing publishers.

5. Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Magic SEO Tool

This can be a game-changing keyword research strategy. The SEMrush keyword magic tool makes it really easy to rank multiple keywords! Here’s how.

Typically, typical keyword research tools show basic data such as search volume, specific country weighting, and PPC values. On the other hand, the keyword magic tool shows you:

  • CPC and Quantity
  • keyword difficulty
  • level of competition
  • SERP function

This is a beta release and we can expect more features in the future. SEMrush SEO tool is collecting feedback on this tool, so get a trial offer now and nail it!

Oh, did I mention you can export up to a million keywords and related data in a single file?

Get your free trial of SEMrush >>

We hope you’ve decided if the SEMrush SEO tool is right for you. I’m sure you won’t get a better tool than this.

I’ve kept my review short and focused on the most important facts and features, so if you have any doubts, ask in the comments section below.

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