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Affiliate Marketing How to Promote Products Without a blog?

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Affiliate marketing without a website is becoming more and more popular. Want to make money with affiliate marketing but don’t want to build your own blog? Wondering if it’s possible to promote affiliate products without a blog? Yes, of course.


  • First, what is affiliate marketing?
  • Why should you start affiliate marketing?
  • How to promote affiliate marketing without a blog?
  • Affiliate Marketing Through Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing on YouTube
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Forum
  • Conclusion: Promote affiliate products without a blog

In this article, you will learn how to earn money from affiliate marketing without a website. Although you still think creating your own website or blog is better, you can promote many ways your affiliate offers without it.

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First, what is affiliate marketing?

In the affiliate marketing business, you always promote other person’s products. In return for successfully referencing customers, you receive a percentage of the product price.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need a way to reach people and send them to advertisers through affiliate links. For the most part, a website is used as a platform where you have 100% control over your content. However, this isn’t the handiest option.

Why should you start affiliate marketing?

You may be wondering why you should start affiliate marketing. Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It, Can You Really Make Money With It?

Before you begin, you may have many questions and doubts.

However, affiliate marketing is one of the biggest and most popular ways to start an online business.

There is no need to manufacture or import your own products. No need to deal with customer service or handle complaints. All you need to do is get people to visit your website with a custom link.

When a potential customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

How to promote affiliate marketing products without a blog?

YouTube is one of the most popular ways to implement affiliate marketing. Of course, you have to be comfortable presenting yourself on camera in front of the whole world.

But YouTube isn’t the only way. Successful affiliate marketing through other social media channels like Facebook or Instagram is also possible. Let’s start a look at all these options!

Affiliate Marketing Through Social Media

Social media is the fastest way to get started with affiliate marketing quickly. A variety of social media channels can be used to build your next foundation or community.

You can then share the content and place affiliate links in that content to accommodate these people.

When you start working on social media, it’s important to understand that gathering followers for a new social media account can be quite challenging.

The surest way to build a follower base is to share valuable information on your social media accounts every day. Of course, don’t start by sharing your affiliate link right away, you’ll need to build your permissions first.

Be careful when placing affiliate links, as your account may be blocked if you don’t follow the guidelines.

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

The 2nd maximum famous affiliate marketing option (after proudly owning your very own blog) is affiliate marketing through YouTube. If you don’t want to create your own blog, you can start your own YouTube channel.

affiliate marketing on youtube

The great thing about YouTube is that it’s a very personal way of marketing. This will immediately build trust and make it relatively easy to close a sale.

You can talk about any topic in YouTube videos. You can post reviews, tips, ideas, recipes, anything. Just add the affiliate link to the product discussed in the video below the description box.

It is not possible to create clickable anchor text in the description, so we recommend using a URL shortening service to shorten the URL so that the link looks neat and clean.

Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

You’re not the only one struggling with where to promote your affiliate products. Many people who asked the same question chose Facebook as their first avenue.

However, friends and family are not interested in your daily promotion offer and are unlikely to convert.

That’s why it would be wiser to create a separate social media page for your business. When you create a Facebook page, you target it to build a community around a specific theme.

affiliate marketing on facebook

Do not share random information. Focus on the topic.

By sharing useful tips and adding the right tags, you can slowly build your audience.

In addition to having your own Facebook page, you can create Facebook groups for specific topics. This is where people can sign up and read your content.

It can take some time to see significant followers. Stay active, reply to comments, and reply to comments on similar topics in other people’s posts. Join similar groups and be active. Making money with Facebook affiliate marketing is absolutely possible if you keep yourself busy every day.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

In addition to Facebook, Pinterest is becoming more and more popular among its affiliates. I just googled the term “affiliate Pinterest without a blog” and was amazed at how creative it can be. Pinterest is known as a large channel that sends a lot of traffic to your website.

It’s also common knowledge that people who spend time on Pinterest are more likely to convert to internet purchases.

On Pinterest (Pin + Interest), you can create boards with Pins and group those Pins. The beauty of Pinterest is that it is essentially a search engine. People can search for specific topics on Pinterest, and the best results will come.

What’s even better about Pinterest is that you can add clickable links to images you save on Pinterest.

We know from experience that the more active you are on Pinterest, the more Pins appear in search. When starting out on Pinterest, it’s important to be consistent with image posting. It is best to create your own images and delete them so as not to infringe copyright.

It is also possible to use royalty-free images on sites like or The bottom line is that Pinterest affiliate marketing is also possible without a blog.

Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

I decided to mention Instagram as my last social media alternative. Feelings intersect. Some people make millions of dollars on Instagram, while others don’t get many followers or earn a dime.

affiliate marketing on instagram

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing on Instagram, you need to know exactly how Instagram works. You may only put a link to your affiliate offer in your bio. This makes it much more difficult to generate clicks from your referral link.

But what you can do is use Instagram to get people to your mailing list. It’s often easier to offer something for free than to sell something that costs you money.

Before you can promote your product to Instagram fans, you must first build a broad follower base. These should be real followers who are interested in your content.

To achieve this, you need to be very active on Instagram every day. Affiliate marketing without followers is almost impossible.

In most cases, posting in one day is not enough. You should consider posting your Instagram Stories 3-4 times a day.

This is why gaining popularity on Instagram is a time-consuming task. If you don’t have much experience with affiliate marketing, we recommend that you apply it to other social media channels.

Email marketing

Instead of directing visitors to your website, simply send an email. As already mentioned, it is possible to promote affiliate products without a blog, but you can still use email. The truth is, you don’t need a website to build a mailing list.

If you want to start affiliate marketing through social media, consider sending people to your email list first rather than sending them directly to affiliate offers. On the internet, most people don’t buy anything at their first meeting.

By having them subscribe to your mailing list, you build trust with the people who follow you. Just share your valuable content via email. A lot of the content is free. Don’t try to sell anything right now. Let people appreciate your content. You can then market it to multiple products.

If you’ve been sending valuable emails for a while, you can send them an email with the product you’re promoting. A certain percentage of subscribers are likely to make a purchase.

To successfully utilize email marketing without a blog, you need an email marketing provider. This is where you can create registration forms, send automated emails (auto-responders), and track who viewed your emails and how they clicked on affiliate links. Services like MailChimp are free and easy to use.

The best way to get people’s email addresses is to give them something for free. You can suggest free ebooks, printable checklists, or anything else that will help your audience.

Online advertising

Another way to show affiliate links to many people is through advertisements. You don’t need a blog to promote affiliate products, but you can put it on someone else’s blog.

You can advertise through Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or by purchasing ad space directly from someone else’s website.

Unlike social media, ads are not free and you need to know exactly how it works.

Social media can only be an investment of your time, but advertising has a real cost. If you don’t do it right, your advertising campaign’s margins won’t cover your costs or you lose money.

Without a good strategy and experience, you are more likely to lose money from advertising.


Yes, they still exist. And yes, it is nevertheless viable to make money with affiliate marketing on forums, however, it is now no longer as smooth as it used to be.

Anyone doing affiliate marketing without an internet website can flip to an outside resource – an internet site owned by a person else that already exists, sign on for, and use it as a platform. The forum appears to be the best place for affiliate marketing.

Once you find a product to promote, you can search the Internet for forums that cover topics related to the product or niche you are promoting. For example, if you promote a piano course, you can see if there are forums where people are talking about playing the piano.

The idea is not to spam your affiliate links, but to actively participate in forums to share valuable content.

Share useful information by answering questions. Some forums allow you to add your affiliate link to your profile page. This link will appear under every post you make on that forum.

Conclusion: Promote affiliate marketing products without a blog

In this blog post, we discussed how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website. Doing affiliate marketing without a blog may sound daunting, but it’s not impossible and it will get easier as soon as you wash your head. If you want to promote your affiliate products without a blog, your best bet is social media. This website already has a lot of traffic.

Your only task is to drag them to your page, account, or bulletin board. It’s certainly not an easy task (otherwise we’ll all be famous), but it can be done.

If you use your cards correctly, without spamming or being too direct, you are very likely to start making money with a small audience and you can definitely be successful in affiliate marketing without a website. Bottom line – How to promote affiliate links? Simple anywhere!

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