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8 Popular Types of Websites You Can Create and Design Them

Popular Types of Websites You Can Create and Design Them
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Although the term “website” seems very generic, you can create many different types of websites. Each may serve a specific purpose and may require different tools to build properly. In the past, website developers had to manually code each one, but today a variety of tools are at your disposal.

The key to success in Creating your website is knowing each of them has a distinct purpose to fulfill. Also, having some familiarity with the types of tools available will help you make the right choice and make the right choice.

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Here are eight types of websites you can create.

1. Portfolio Types of Websites

Portfolio Website

Given how digitized the world has become, every individual can have a portfolio website. This serves as a kind of public resume and is helpful whether you are actively looking for a job or not. Portfolio types of websites are primarily intended to give visitors a good idea of ​​what kind of expertise you have.

Create a Portfolio Types of Websites

Some portfolio types of websites can be very basic and simply provide information about your skills and experience. However, certain professions such as web designers and artists can benefit a lot from portfolio sites.

Often because of their simplicity, there are many different ways to build a portfolio website. The easiest way is to use a platform that offers portfolio site-building as a service. If you prefer more control, platforms like WordPress will do the same.

Sample Portfolio Website

  • Christina Smolinar (model)
  • Mingfei Yang (game designer)

2. Personal Blog Types of Websites

Personal Blog

The line between personal blogs and affiliate types of websites is blurring a bit. Many bloggers start creating content that appeals to them. Those who are successful and attract a lot of followers are eventually affiliated with affiliate marketing.

Create a Personal Blog Types of Websites

Individuals typically build and operate these types of websites to share information about hobbies or other personal interests. There is very little marketing as it is said, and most successful personal blogs are driven by organic traffic.

Due to the content-centric nature of personal blogs, many bloggers use a WordPress content management system (CMS). However, some platforms like Blogger and Tumblr also offer bloggers an easy way out.

Check out our popular step-by-step guide to starting a blog.

Sample Personal Blog

  • KY Spikes (Food and Travel)
  • Love That Max (Health)

3. Business Types of Websites

Business Website

A business website is a website designed specifically to support a company. The scope of features included will depend on the needs of each business. The most basic business website contains information about a product or service being offered.

Create a Business Types of Websites

Some may suggest using the tool as further assistance. For example, a real estate website allows visitors to view properties for sale or rentals through video clips or 3D interactive tours. These variations make business types of websites one of the most diverse categories of websites.

Business types of websites were the domains of large corporations that could afford to hire or outsource web development. Thanks to website builder apps like WordPress, businesses of all sizes can now run a company website.

Sample Business Website

  • (Real Estate)
  • Nike (sports apparel)
  • McDonald’s (fast food)

4. Business Type of Blog

Business Type of Blog

A business blog and website may sound the same, but there are differences. Many business types of websites today use the blog-making section as a standalone part of their digital portfolio.

Create a Business Type of Blog

These business blogs serve several specific purposes. Content published on business blogs is search engine marketing (SEO) (SEO). Businesses also use it to publish more in-depth information than is typically found only on business types of websites.

How a company integrates a business blog with its website depends on how they have created its business website. Nevertheless, business blog segments often run on dedicated CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal.

Sample Business Blog

  • Kaspersky Daily Kaspersky Labs (Internet Security)
  • Estee Story Estee Lauder (Beauty)
  • Keyword Google (tech)

5. E-commerce Types of Websites/online store

E-commerce online store

There are many ways you can sell your products online, and an e-commerce website is one of them. These types of websites sometimes referred to as online stores, are product-centric. Basically, you list things to sell, provide a means to pay for them and ship the products sold.

Create an E-commerce Website

E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular because it allows businesses to reduce the overhead of maintaining physical retail stores. However, it is slightly more complex to build and maintain than a regular website.

Several platforms such as Shopify and Gyro offer software-as-a-service e-commerce website builders, hosting, and (SaaS) experiences that include payment integration. You can also choose to build and host your store using applications such as WooCommerce or Magento.

Read our tutorial on how to use Shopify to create an online store.

Sample E-commerce Website

  • Kroger (retail food and beverage)
  • Dorothy Perkins (clothing)
  • Gamer Nexus Official Store (Brand Store)

6. Non-profit Types of Websites

Non-profit Types of Websites

A non-profit website may sound a bit odd because it’s an additional cost for organizations that need to minimize non-core costs. However, a digital presence can potentially increase the effectiveness of nonprofits by opening new channels of funding or raising awareness.

Create a Non-Profit Website

Soliciting donations with boots on the ground can be very restrictive. A non-profit website can expand your reach as well as open up new payment channels to a wider audience. In addition, many digital service providers can treat certain non-profit organizations kindly and support their services or expertise.

Nonprofits are looking for budget-focused solutions like WordPress. The platform also offers the benefits of modularity, allowing websites to be easily configured with custom specifications. WordPress is easy to use and everything is do-it-yourself (DIY) based.

Sample Non-Profit Website

  • Adopt a love story (adapted )
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Animal Welfare)

7. Education Types of Websites

Education Types of Websites

In addition to providing potential students with more information about the institution, educational types of websites can be used for many other purposes as well. It could be, for example, an internal communication platform or the front of a full-fledged digital education system.

Create Education Types of Websites

Thanks to the many tools available, the functionality of an educational website is virtually limitless. You can also upload your curriculum digitally, use an online assignment and grading system, stream your lectures in real-time, or even offer students one-on-one face-to-face time online.

How you create an educational website depends on the features you need. An information site can be built using almost anything. For more focused features, look for Learning Management Systems (LMSs) such as Moodle.

Sample Training Website

  • Pluralsight (Technical Skills Training)
  • Harvard University (Official Higher Education)
  • Cakeflix (Baking and Decorating Tutorial)

8. News Portal Types of Websites

News Portal Types of Websites

The days of scouring through dirty newspapers are almost over. In the United States alone, actual newspaper circulation has decreased by more than 50% over the past 50 years. The digital space is where the action is now.

Create a News Portal Website

From news portals to digital magazines, there is a wealth of information online. There are many great examples with tried and tested tools if this is what you are interested in. For a basic news site with an ad model, you can use a CMS like Joomla or WordPress.

If you want to run a subscription-based model, you can either go for a plugin that can handle it, or log on as a comprehensive service such as Exceeded WPQuickStart.

Sample News Portal

  • Local time (general news and comments)
  • CNET (Tech News)
  • Medical News Today (Medical)

Things to Consider When Building a Website

What I have shared here is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other website types. You can also choose from a variety of methods to build. Most will depend on your specific needs, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.


Starting a website usually includes Your domain nameweb hosting, platform, and application you want to use. Because payments are recurring, it is important to consider the cost of these factors on an operational basis.

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How well your website performs in terms of speed and stability is an essential part of its existence. Search engines and website visitors alike want websites that are fast and always available. NS Web Hosting Partner What you choose can play an important role in your website performance.

Building Tools

If you don’t have the skills to build a website, an application like a CMS or LMS can be incredibly beneficial. These applications are pre-coded and make building a website as simple as choosing a template and customizing options.

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Building a pretty website isn’t always the focus. Yes, it should be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, it should be easy to use. The way elements are laid out on your website can also affect overall performance.

Advertisement Printing

People are not islands, and neither can your website be an island. This is a requirement related to other reputable websites, so run the support program and be prepared to build links. You may also need marketing tools to push your content to your readers.

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What Types of Websites Will do You Create?

Building a website is a great first step to building a digital presence, but be prepared to put a lot of effort into it. It’s not as simple as creating a website and then stepping back and watching the visitors flock.

Once done, there is more that needs to be done to achieve the intended effect. In general, it means analytics, marketing, optimization, etc. Getting your website up and running can be very beneficial if you do the process right.

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