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Niche Market Quick Way to Find a Niche to Start Blogging in 2022

Niche Market Quick Way to Find a Niche to Start Blogging in 2022
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As you begin your journey to becoming a blogger, you will find tons of articles mentioning the word. Niche market. It is very important that choosing a niche market is considered the first step toward success. This is also one of the most difficult questions you will face before starting a blog.

This post will help you understand what it means and why it is important. Start a blog on How to Identify Your Niche.

To help you further, I’ll also explain how to find a niche market and start your own blog.

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What Is a Blogging Niche Market?

Niche markets are the main focus of your blog. A niche in blogging is a specific topic on which to write blog posts. That means you only write on topics that can relate to your target audience. Your target audience will have the same likes, dislikes, choices, and interests.

Here is an example

If you are a fashion designer and want to start a blog about fashion, your blog’s niche is fashion. Similarly, if you find a website that only posts articles about Thai food, Thai food is your niche for that website. Any content you create should be relevant to your niche market. A specific topic aimed at a specific audience.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Specific Niche Market

Choose a Specific Niche Market

That’s a question you can ask. Well, why choose a specific niche market?

You can blog without sticking to a niche market. It’s up to you. But often these types of blogs are unsuccessful. I remember posting completely random content when I started my first blog in 2015. And few people came to read it. You can create a blog by writing on any topic. uncertain. Sometimes the reader finds a great article and the reader gets confused. There are many travel bloggers who do that, but it is too niche. They do not publish cooking articles on their blog. So sticking to your niche market will help keep blogging newcomers to your blog.

Choosing a single niche market will also help Google and other search engines understand your content and blogs. Blogs on random topics often struggle to consistently achieve higher rankings. SERPs.

Also, when you release a digital product, such as an eBook or some online course in the future, you will already have a target audience interested in purchasing the product.

Wide or Narrow: Which Niche Market Should You Choose for Your Blog

Which Niche Market Should You Choose for Your Blog

This is a question you should truly ask yourself. Because only you know the answer. If your niche market is too narrow, fewer people come to your blog.

In other words, if you write in a small niche market, your traffic will decrease slightly. But there are also advantages. You will drive your targeted traffic like crazy. People who want to invest their time and money in your blog content and products.

Choosing a blog from a broad niche market will free up more space for people with different but relative interests. However, you have to be careful because the broader your niche, the more diverse your audience will be. You can start writing about almost anything. You don’t have to prove you’re an expert to blog about something.

At first, this is not a problem. But as you begin to grow, you will find it difficult to please and satisfy all of your audience. It will also hurt your SEO a little more and you will be struggling to monetize your content. So it’s always better and recommended to start a blog between your preferred interests and what your audience will like.

How to Choose a Blog Niche Market (As a Beginner)

Now you know why choosing a niche market and sticking to it is essential. But choosing a niche market can be very difficult and sometimes frustrating. Pondering the right way to find your first niche.

I will try to make it easy for you. I’ll show you how to identify your niche step by step. While filling out my year planner, I found this magical yet practical way.

  1. Bring a pen and notebook.
  2. Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position.
  3. Start thinking about your professionalism and try to figure out if you are competent.
  4. Write down all your ideas, topics, tasks, and everything you are good at in your notebook.

You can come up with as many ideas as you want. But don’t overwhelm yourself. Once you’ve recorded all your ideas, circle the top 10 ideas you’re most passionate about. Out of the 10 ideas, you’re most passionate about, circle the top 5 ideas you think you can use easily.

Do You Have 5 Ideas About Niche Market

Do You Have 5 Ideas About Niche Market

Now go through the five ideas one by one and see if you can find the same topic in all of them. Subjects that somehow connect each other? I know it feels weird, but it works!

The top five ideas are all relatively similar in some contexts. Context and top 5 ideas are niche market options. But wait, you can’t blog about them… not yet. You need to identify whether or not you have an audience for your topic.

If you blog on a topic you like, but nobody cares about it, you won’t have an audience. And you won’t get the traffic, revenue, and traction to sustain your passion for blogging consistently.

There is a quick and simple solution to this situation. You need to find a niche market in which you are passionate and popular. And the best way to see this niche market is by doing keyword research.

Learn how to find lucrative niches using subject research tools:

Step – 1

Go to Ubsersuggest. A free SEO tool to help you find content ideas.

Step – 2

Please enter one of the top 5 ideas you discovered through the process described above. Click the Search button to start the process. Repeat the same process for all 5 ideas.

Step – 3

When you run a search, the tool displays the number of searches (search volume) that your ideas generate per month. It also shows alternative keyword ideas to choose from as your initial blog post! This report actually gives you a better picture of the niche market you should choose from.

You can perform the same search using another tool called Buzz Sumo SEMrush. It works a bit like Ubersuggest, except that it shows social shares and mentions the popularity of a keyword.

Here are some tips that may help. Choose a topic that includes:

  1. Over 10,000 searches per month.
  2. The ranking chance is over 60%.
  3. If SEO difficulty is less than 40%

Finding a niche this way can give you decent results for the first few months of blogging.

If you can’t come up with an idea, you can use one of the following: A tool for finding new blog ideas. You can also find many niche ideas at Zest. A tool that unifies some valuable and popular blog sites into one content stream.

If you find a niche, sign up. Hostinger and get hosting with a free domain start a blog.

For a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog, check out: The ultimate guide to starting a WordPress blog.

Remember, your niche determines your success as a blogger. Choosing a niche that you are passionate about will help you become a non-professional.

Once you start receiving traffic, you are ready to start making money. Check out our guide on how to make money with your blog.

If you choose to blog in a niche because of friends or inspiration, you may end up not doing very well. After all, blogs are all about passion.

Let us know your niche market in the comments.

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  1. Hi Ajmal,

    Finding a quiet spot and relaxing your body to think through your niche is such great advice. People rush through this process. They chase money. Or they chase popularity. But when you relax and allow the best idea to come to you success is just a matter of time. Do what you love and make sure it solves a problem to find the best blogging niche.


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