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How to Make Money with Ezoic (Step by Step Guide)

How to Make Money with Ezoic
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There are several different ways to make money with Ezoic. One way is to join the Ezoic Publisher Network, a collection of sites that use Ezoic’s technology. Ezoic also offers a referral program on the Ezoic platform where you pay for referring publishers.

Before we discuss each of these methods in detail, let’s take a closer look at Ezoic as a product.

Ezoic is a platform that helps publishers earn more from their advertising revenue.

Ezoic’s technology optimizes ad placement and provides a better user experience for site visitors.

This in turn leads to an increase in the publisher’s income.

Now that we know a little more about Ezoic, let’s take a closer look at Ezoic.

How to Make Money With Ezoic.

Become a publisher of Ezoic and share your ad revenue. Ezoic allows you to install the platform and share the generated advertising revenue.

All Ezoic publishers have the opportunity to set a minimum payout of $20 per month.

It’s odd, but the reason Ezoic allows low payouts is that making money from ads is sometimes very difficult and if you’re lucky, it can take longer to get you money if your payouts are set to very large amounts.

How To Start Your Ezoic Advertising Service To Make Money In 2022 (Step By Step Guide)

How To Start Your Ezoic Advertising

Step 1: Make sure you meet the minimum traffic requirements.

Is your website new? Are you still maintaining an average of 100 views per month? If this is you, Ezioc may not be right for your website.

And even if you create an application that gets 100 views per day and you eventually get approved (I’m very skeptical), you may not be making $100 a day from those views.

So, what are the minimum requirements for Ezoic to allow traffic? And how much more traffic do you need to make a good profit?

  • Less than 10 page views per month – You can sign up for Ezoic through the Access Now program.
  • 10+ monthly page views – this allows you to instantly integrate and use all the features of Ezoic.

But you need more traffic to start making good money.

Step 2: Contact the Ezoic team for help with setup.

Now, this is something you can do yourself, but it’s faster and more efficient if you leave the heavy lifting to the professionals who set up these accounts on a daily basis.

And if you are a real user, continue with step 3 to set up your Ezoic account yourself.

Step 3: Join Ezoic.

Just visit the Ezoic website and click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

You will then be asked to provide some information about your website, including URL and monthly traffic volume.

Provide Ezoic with the required information and click Continue to proceed.

Step 4: Allow Ezoic to test your website/blog

  • Account setup complete
  • Integrate your site with Ezoic
  • Ad test setup
  • Ezoic Leap Settings

Step 5: Start monetizing with Ezoic by enabling monetization.

Once your account is approved, Ezoic will start serving ads on your behalf.

Referral program to generate additional revenue with Ezoic

Use the Ezoic Referral Program to Monetize in 2022

You can earn money with Ezoic by referring Ezoic’s platform to others.

Ezoic pays a fee for every publisher referring to a platform that meets Ezoic’s traffic requirements.

And how much does the referral program pay you? As long as you use Ezoic, you will receive 3% of your new publisher earnings.

Are all Ezoic’s Applications Approved?

No, not all applications from Ezoic will be accepted.

An important factor that Ezoic considers when reviewing an application is the quality of the website.

If your website does not meet Ezoic’s quality standards, your application will be rejected.

You can increase your chances of approval by making sure your website includes:

  • Great page SEO.
  • High Ezoic Confidence Score
  • Good Ezoic UX Index Score
  • Valuable content.

Once approved, Ezoic will work to improve the website’s Ezoic Confidence Score and Ezoic UX Index as part of continuous optimization.

If my application is denied, how long do I have to wait before applying again?

You must wait 14 days to reapply for Ezoic review.

If your application is rejected, Ezoic will send you an email with detailed information on how to improve your website quality and increase your Ezoic confidence score and Ezoic UX score.

How Much Money Can You Make With Ezoic?

How much Ezoic pays depends on many factors, including:

  • This is the niche your website is in.
  • Ezoic Confidence Score and Ezoic UX Index Score.
  • The number of ad networks integrated into Ezioc’s system, etc…

So it’s hard to say exactly how much money you can make with Ezoic.

In general, sites with higher Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index scores can earn more than sites with lower scores.

How Does Ezoic Work?

When you sign up for Ezoic, the platform analyzes your website and how visitors interact with it. Then, Ezoic optimizes the website to improve your Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index scores and revenue.

Ezoic does the following:

Change the content layout (eg move ads on the page)

Create a new version of your website (for example, Ezioc will use different Ezoic Trust Scores and Ezoic UX Index scores to create different homepages).

Collecting data from users Visit different versions of the site to see who performs better.

Ezoic uses this information to optimize its website to improve its Ezoic Trust Score and Ezoic UX Index scores and revenue.

Can I Use Ezoic on My WordPress Site?

Yes, Ezioc works with any website, regardless of the platform on which it is built (eg Wix).

Ezoic supports blogs built on all major CMSs like WordPress and Squarespace.

The only requirement is that the website uses the Ezoic Ads Tester plugin to insert Ezoic ads on your site pages.


If you’ve been rejected by other ad networks and are looking for something similar, Ezoic is a good choice.

Create an account to monetize X3 or X5’s other ad networks.

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