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How to Grow YouTube Channel 2022 – Tips for Monetizing

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Learn tips to help you gain subscribers and monetize your YouTube channel, and how to succeed as a YouTuber.

How to become a YouTube star?

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms among content creators. You can reach people from all over the world on a variety of topics, and advanced analytics tools will take care of making recommendations to people. Many YouTubers want to tell their story on their own topic and take their channel to the next level in this YouTube video right here.

Whatever your goal, you need more than just great content to get viewers and monetize it. That doesn’t mean it’s highly technical. All you have to do is work hard and make a few changes to the way you create content for marketing purposes.

What Matters is Passion

The first thing to consider when creating a YouTube channel is the content type. You may have many interests, but your channel should focus on one topic. Be sure to make this clear so your visitors know exactly what your channel is trying to do.

Brad Rodriguez, founder of the popular DIY channel Fix This Build That, said. There are a lot of niche markets: makeup tutorials, daily vlogs, video game reviews, how-to guides, etc. The opportunities are open. The topics and messages you want to share among these possibilities. It is important for the YouTuber himself to clarify.

If it is content that contains daily life like a vlog, you need to create a variety of content every day. At this point, the most important thing is to show a unique lifestyle.

Understanding of The Subject Of YouTube Video

You have to know who you’re making a video for. It’s okay if your channel doesn’t catch everyone’s attention. Better to have 100 ardent fans than 1,000 subscribers who don’t visit often.

Find your target audience, put them in their shoes, and figure out what they want to see. By choosing a topic that interests you, you can further close the gap between what you want to create and what your viewers want to see.

This is by no means meant to focus on one area of ​​specialization. It is up to YouTubers to grow and develop their channel. Knowing your audience accurately is enough.

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Considerations for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO, getting your videos high on search results pages) plays an important role in getting your videos to people. YouTube’s ultimate goal is to keep viewers on the platform for a long time. YouTube uses algorithms to rank content and maximize views across the platform.

As a content creator, your goal is to expand your presence on the YouTube platform. YouTube’s algorithm is designed to find the right video for viewers. To achieve this goal, the priorities of the YouTube algorithm are constantly changing, and there is no way for creators to “dominate” the algorithm. But one thing is clear: we prioritize the content that people click on the most and watch the most. The exact performance of your content is confirmed by key metrics. Whatever the metric, it’s clear that engaging content is the key to success.

Pay Attention to 3 Indicators

Rodriguez highlights the three metrics to watch for when it comes to the performance of your content: click-through rate, retention rate, and total watch time.

  • Click-through rate (CTR) refers to the percentage of people who clicked on a thumbnail to watch the video. If 1,000 people viewed the thumbnail in the search results, and 100 of them clicked, the click-through rate would be 10%.
  • The viewer retention rate is the average viewer rating of users who watched the video. Achieving 50% retention is a good starting point for success.
  • Total watch time refers to the amount of time actually watched without leaving after a click.

Empower Your Opening and Ending – YouTube Videos

One way to boost SEO is to get the gist of your message right at the beginning of your video. Don’t waste the first minute with a boring introduction at the intro. You need to maintain your viewing value so you can watch it from start to finish. You need to finish all the main content with the last three minutes remaining, the remaining three minutes are used to organize the content. If you don’t do this, many people will deviate without seeing the end. This reduces retention rates and total watch time.

Start With an Eye-Catching Title for YouTube Videos

The algorithms are so smart that you don’t have to type in keywords. YouTube automatically analyzes video content frame by frame. Therefore, it is more important to set a title that intrigues you than a title that is easy to find.

No one likes a headline that’s blatantly click-going. Be specific about what your video is about, but give it a title that doesn’t negatively affect SEO. The point is to have a title that inspires curiosity.

Tips for YouTube Monetizing

When you start running your channel, you also need to think about monetization. If YouTube is your main job, this is even more important. Even if it’s not your main job, it’s a good idea to strategize to reach your brand.

Choose Your Sponsor Carefully

Sometimes you need to be able to say no clearly. Don’t feel obligated to do whatever the sponsor wants. Building a reputation as a trusted creator is essential to success as an influencer.

Viewers quickly recognize the sincerity of the creator. Ask yourself if you can really trust the product or company for which you’re commissioned, and decide on a partnership. If you think about everything from a viewer’s point of view, it draws a clear line.

Negotiate in Detail Before Agreeing

Typically, brands offer their products free of charge in exchange for reviews. However, the types and conditions of reviews vary widely. Some brands want their T-shirts to be worn only during the video, while others want a video dedicated to promoting their product. You have to “negotiate in detail, taking all the circumstances into account. Some companies may have strict rules for sponsored content, so you should be able to reject those terms.

If you assure the sponsors that they know how to communicate with viewers, and then watch and read the script in the actual video, not only will they disappoint the sponsors, but the viewers will not feel the sincerity. If you explain how a product has helped me and how it’s good to use it, the message will be much more professional and authentic. Brand marketers want success as much as creators. Team up and collaborate with each other to find the best way.

Do not browse through the contract and sign it. First and foremost, you must carefully check content ownership and compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. Some brands even add clauses that take copyright and ownership of their content. This means that the brand may remove or redistribute the video without additional compensation.

You must also comply with FTC regulations. Detailed guidelines can be found here. The key is, to be honest with each other and not mislead the warranty. All paid promotional content, including PPL, sponsorships, endorsements, etc., must follow our advertising policies and community guidelines, and must clearly state that this is a paid promotion.

How to Increase Your YouTube Followers and Revenue?

Grow your YouTube Channel

Expand to Other Social Media Platforms

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all large social networks that can acquire new viewers and customers. Expand your YouTube community for maximum exposure and gain new followers on new platforms. You can connect more deeply with your followers and keep up with trends.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Advertising revenue and sponsorship on YouTube is just the beginning. You can also earn money by selling various products and sponsoring platforms like Patreon, which supports creators. Selling preset packs is also a good idea if you run a photography channel. If you run a fitness channel, you can monetize it by documenting one-on-one workout plans. You can expect advertising revenue by running content from YouTube together on other social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

It’s like collecting rainwater in a bucket. If you look at one bucket, it doesn’t contain a lot of water, but if you put several buckets together, it becomes a huge amount.

Additional Tips to Start a Powerful YouTube Channel

Start With Rich Content

If possible, start your channel by making a video in a series. Viewers don’t subscribe to channels with only one content, no matter how much effort is put into the video. If you have 5 more videos to watch, your chances of subscribing will increase.

Be Consistent

Once you start, you need to hold transferring forward. Schedule your content and put it into action. Then you will be able to steadily increase your income. If you do it consistently and consistently, you will attract viewers, but having too many channels is bad. People follow hundreds of YouTube creators, so they can skip your channel.

Whether it’s every Wednesday or 3 o’clock every day, on a set day or at a set time, make your customers expect it and live up to it.

Think of Your YouTube Channel as a Brand

Don’t overlook the basics when building your channel home page. Thinking that the channel itself is your brand, you should prepare a custom banner, logo, profile picture, upload schedule, channel name, and channel description that matches the channel’s theme and message.

Create High-Quality Content

The value of content depends on its quality. For the best video quality, use a DSLR camera instead of your computer’s webcam, and invest in audio and lighting. You do not need to spend a whole lot of cash to begin a YouTube channel. A smartphone camera can also shoot 4K video, and a cheap microphone and light kit is good enough.

You also need excellent video editing software to improve the quality of your video. Adobe Premiere Pro is perfect for film professionals and hobbyists alike. When editing video, use transitions, titles, special effects, audio, and more to immerse viewers in your video from start to finish.

A lot of people are on the path to becoming YouTubers. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t become famous overnight. With perseverance and perseverance, your efforts will gradually be rewarded. YouTube is a great place to meet like-minded people and dig deeper into your favorite hobbies. If you enjoy yourself and provide people with content that you are passionate about, there will definitely be good results.

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